PocketCult Emulator
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Latest version: v0.4a, Unstable: 0.5WIP
What is PocketCultMAME?
The major existing of PocketCultMAME is to get it to the Pocket-PC. One true and well reputed Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, called "MAME".

MAME is running a modular and mobile driver architecture environment which enables to emulate the hardware used in classic arcade devices and run the original software of stated tools into a nowadays computer, with complete loyalty.

PocketCultMAME runs inside any PocketPC supported device with an ARM processor and Windows Mobile OS (2003 or above versions). Is our intention to satisfy any needs that the PocketPC version may require like different screen environments, key redefinition, etc.
Below you can see a list with some top features of PocketCultMAME:

High improvements in emulation speed, Z80 emulation available with DrZ80 and MC68k technology using Cyclone.
Landscape & portrait orientation integrated, various rapid screen scaling modes and effects.
Screen and analog controls emulated using the stylus system.
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Latest release: v0.9
What is PocketCaprice?
PocketCaprice emulates the hardware of the epic Amstrad CPC, enabling to play CPC program on your PocketPC device like a real CPC with a higher level of compatibility because it's based on the ultimate emulator Caprice32 done by Ulrich Doewich, one of the most compatible CPC emulator developers.

PocketCaprice can be run on any PocketPC machine with ARM processor and Windows Mobile operating system.
Down, you will find a list with some cool features of PocketCaprice:

Amstrad CPC 6128/664/464 system with CRTC sound effects.
Emulating devices like disk drive, casette, Joystick, etc.
Portrait orientation in Landscape mode.
High speed FPS with above 266Mhz frequency.
100% free to download, including source code.
Contact email address: hello@pocketcult.com
PocketCaprice is distributed under General Public License, while PocketCultMAME is not licensed yet, but can be freely distributed and copied if your like - All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.