PocketCultMAMENeoGeo 0.5wip Fix
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The most requiring game to get finished on PocketCultMAME is so far the Metal Slug. Well, it runs now as most NeoGeo ones applying this addon where you've installed PocketCultMAME 0.5wip. It's very unstable so far but works at full FPS on my IPaq device, and as well it's playable on Dell Axim X51v with enabling the "Intel 2700g double pixel" section. It will not run properly if you have a CPU under 500Mhz until we manage Cyclone for MC68000 emulation to work. Thanks to "Gamefreaks" crew from PocketMatrix for help with this.

Metal Slug screenshots

  Version 0.5 in Progress!
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PocketCultMAME 0.4a is still the official full release but at this moment v0.5 Work is in progress and available for testing purposes from here. Some people asked about the situation of the next release of PocketCultMAME and we plan to offer something to try which is better than before. This WIP version is released by idea to curious people and we don't recommend to use it if you can't play games without speakers or headphones below 60fps. That's ecause by now, the emulator is not enough optimized to full and will work slow in most devices. Also there are some bugs not resolved or not finished and it's not yet hundred percent done.

  PocketCultMAME v0.4a
 List of changes

PocketCultMAME v0.4a is available for download below. There are many new features and enhancements. See the list of changes using the link above and don't forget to go trough the documentation file included in the package. There are not new games supported yet because we spent all our effort to make it more usable. This release opens the way to MAME 0.36.

Enjoy our new version and don't forget to send us your thoughts and suggestions.

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  PocketCultMAME v0.4a
dl 1   Binary package
This package requires manual installation using ActiveSync or SynCE for Linux.
dl 2   Original CPU emulators
This package have builds of PocketCultMAME 0.4a using the originals CPU emulator used in MAME 0.34 for compatibility.